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About Sell & Associates, Inc.
Founded in 1980, Sell & Associates, Inc. provides real estate valuation and consulting services throughout the western USA, consistently serving clients professionally with comprehensive appraisal expertise. From the President and founder, Jan A. Sell, to our qualified staff of expert appraisers, Sell & Associates, Inc. is dedicated to assisting our clients with timely, reliable professional assistance.

Established...Sell & Associates, Inc. is one of the most progressive appraisal and consulting firms in the region. The company's commitment to the highest standards has resulted in continued success and reputation.

Range...While many firms offer limited appraisal services, Sell & Associates, Inc. offers all types of Commercial Appraisals, Consultation, Feasibility Studies, Litigation Support, Expert Appraisal Witness Services and Real Estate Brokerage Services. Comprised of these major departments, it is a respected, comprehensive, full-service appraisal firm; often called upon for expert appraisal witness testimony in state and federal courts and relied upon by government entities, as well as individuals, in condemnation proceedings and other types of litigation.

Experience... Building on a broad base of appraisal expertise, Sell & Associates, Inc. serves a diversified, ever-expanding clientele. Traditionally serving the needs of the lender and investor, appraisal services are now used by attorneys, accountants, governmental agencies, businesses of every size and many others who have a vital interest in ascertaining the value of real property. Furthermore, many of our personnel are available to represent clarity in buy, sell, and lease decisions.

Practicing in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

Commitment... Sell & Associates' commitment to Excellence, Education, and Experience serves well, proven by the excellent reputation of the firm. Our goal is to continue providing clients with factual for informed decision making.

Integrity... Sell & Associates, Inc. does not prepare appraisals to please or accommodate the client or to advocate the client's position. Instead, our professional ethics and philosophy dictate that analytical skills and experienced judgement be used to create a supportable opinion of value that can be relied upon by lenders, investors, litigants, buyers and sellers making important decisions.

Resources... The firm's state of the art technology, large database, marketwide contacts, and extensive research and analyses resources provide clients with comprehensive appraisal expertise. With pride, the firm has established and continues to enforce a quality control program, assuring clients of consistently high standards.




Use of the Income Approach in Valuing a Sand and Gravel Property in a Condemnation Proceeding
by: Thomas W. Hamilton, Ph.D., CRE, FRICS, and Jan A. Sell, MAI, SR/WA, SRA, CCIM

Reprinted with permission from Real Estate Issues® (Vol. 34, No. 2, 2009), published by The Counselors of Real Estate®.

CRE is a nonprofit professional organization for leading real estate advisors around the world. Visit for more information



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